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What Should I do for Large Thickness Cutting With Wire Cutting?

Jun. 28, 2021

As a Wire Cutting Machine Manufacturers, share with you.

Large thickness wire cutting usually refers to steel above 200mm. As for other materials with higher electrical conductivity, higher thermal conductivity or high temperature resistance, it is less than 200mm, such as red copper, cemented carbide, pure tungsten, pure molybdenum, etc., 70mm thick It's already very difficult.

Split Wire-cutting EDM Machine

Split Wire-cutting EDM Machine

The main contradictions of large thickness incision are:

1. Water cannot enter and communicate with each other. Corrosion cannot be removed in the gap, and the insulation cannot be restored, so it cannot constitute a discharge.

2. The stuffing in the gap shunts the energy of the pulse source by means of resistance, so that the required breakdown voltage and single pulse energy are lost between the wire and the workpiece.

3. The current-carrying capacity of the molybdenum wire itself is limited, and it is impossible to transmit a larger pulse energy into the gap.

4. The distance between the cutting seams of the wire cutting machine tool to discharge the ablation is too long, and the attenuated spark discharge can no longer form a satisfactory explosive force and sewage discharge force.

5. The reason for the data is that the possibility of impurities and internal stress in a large thickness is greatly enhanced. Part of the slit is abnormal and the probability of deformation is greater. Lost the cutting impact, but increased the possibility of being short-circuited.

To deal with the main contradiction of large thickness incision, the following methods can be adopted:

1. Increase the energy of a single pulse (the voltage, current, and pulse width of a single pulse, the product of these three is the energy of a single pulse). Increasing the pulse distance is intended to increase the explosive power of sparks under the premise that the average value of the current carrying capacity of the molybdenum wire does not increase.

2. Choose a coolant with a higher dielectric coefficient, stronger rehabilitation insulation, and stronger fluidity and detergency.

3. The pulse voltage is greatly increased, the discharge gap is enlarged, and the water in and out is relatively simple.

4. Pre-process the cut data beforehand, such as uniformly arranging by repeated forging methods to remove impurities, and use annealing and effective treatment methods to remove the internal stress of the data. The method of removing the big remainder allows the data stress to be fully released.

5. Improved silk speed and smoother silk transport enhances the ability to carry water and resist short circuits.

6. Artificially weave the feed mode of broken line feed or active advance two retreat one, so that the gap can be effectively expanded.

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